Success Stories

Rural farmhouse - a haven for community cats

CCA helped a woman living in rural Frederick County carry out TNVR on over 20 cats and find adoption programs for more than 30 kittens! Several cats moved into farm buildings on the property because they were not being used as frequently as they had been in the past. Quickly, a few cats turned into many. The kindhearted woman who owned the property was happy to feed the cats and have them help keep mice away, but the numbers were getting out of control. CCA was able to stabilize the population through TNVR! Several years later, 15 cats still gather on the farmhouse’s back porch for breakfast and dinner, and enjoy lazy days basking in the sun but the colony is no longer growing.


Meet the Cats

Leo in Window 2019.jpg


Leo showed up unexpectedly one day and decided to make Richard’s deck his new home. Richard had him TNVR-ed right away before he was released, but he stayed around anyway. I guess he liked the food. When Richard is a little late with his breakfast or dinner, he stares in the window before lodging a complaint.



Boots came with the house. She and her four kittens moseyed through Onalee’s yard when she moved to the area. When Onalee found out from a neighbor that none of them had been spayed or neutered, and vaccinated, she sent her husband out to trap them. Shortly thereafter all five cats had been examined by a vet, spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Boots and two of her kittens were released to live out their lives outside Onalee’s home, but the other kittens were socialized and went to great homes.



Dusty showed up one day and decided to stick around. He was neutered, vaccinated and dewormed and still wanted to stay. He now gets 2 square meals a day and a heated igloo to spend the winters. He came into the house once, but did not like it and escaped at the first opportunity.

Brown Cat.jpg

Brown Cat

Brown Cat doesn’t know that he has a funny name for a cat. He just loves sleeping in sun beams, especially on the hot pieces of stone. Sometimes he hangs out with two of the other neutered tom cats that live nearby, but he seems to like body drubs from his person best of all.

Susie Q.JPG

Susie Q

Susie Q showed up at a rural home and got the owner’s attention pretty quickly with her doe-like eyes. CCA helped trap Susie Q - her new humans wanted her to stay around, just without attracting in newcomers or making any baby Susies! Susie Q thinks she picked the right house to stop at because they’re prompt with the food when she stares through the back door. Just the kind of “takeout” she wants!